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What We Do

Drinking Water Purification

Our cutting-edge water purification technology eliminates the problem of bacteria and other contaminants making their way into the human body through taps and pipelines. Our technology is airtight and bacteria proof.


We are providing "Smart" technological solutions to eliminate the burden farmers face getting maximum output from their farms and investments. Our solution provides modern water irrigation systems that will be accessible to multiple farms simultaneously crop harvest.

Environmental Restoration

Our technology is designed to eliminate plastic and pet bottles that pollutes the environment and endanger marine species. 90 percent of plastic bottle used in the developing world is not recycled.

Rural Electrification

Lack of rural electrification is the number one cause of migration and congestion in the urban areas. Our low-cost energy-efficient electricity supply systems will increase entrepreneurship in the rural areas which will in turn create jobs and reduce migration to the cities.

Network/Internet Solutions

Our commitment to rural-area empowerment include full internet access to rural dwellers. The availability of internet services will enable rapid and smooth business transactions between rural and urban business owners. It would also improve the broken logistic needed to accelerate rural independency. 

Commercial Drones & Logistics Mgt.

The Delta Region of Nigeria lacks a functional logistics system that would reduce the burden farmers face distributing to potential customers. A logistic system of road, water, and drone transportation is aimed at helping food-growers sell directly to distributors, become self-sufficient entrepreneurs and earn a  sustainable living.

Below: Expert charges FG on maritime security to boost investors' confidence

Below: Why FG should focus on prevention - Safewater Energy

Below: Marine Economy: Expert tasks FG on dredging ports' rehabilitation

Maritime Security Boost_edited.png
Seaport Fires Prevention_edited.png
Seaport Dredging_edited.jpg

We Stand for African empowerment. 

For centuries most Africans (including me) believed that economic prosperity is farfetched; does not belong to us. We have spent decades either blaming or encouraging corrupt leaders. Thanks to a new generation of educated Africans who are creating high performance impact through ever-increasing performance indexes across the globe.  My advice is not to loose hope but rather "roll up your sleeves," stop complaining and rather invest time, efforts and resources in the ability of upcoming future generations. They need our support to showcase competence. 

Dr. Thaddaeus E. Thompson, PhD

The Management Team

Thaddaeus Thompson 1_edited.png

Dr. Thaddaeus Thompson, Ph.D.


Gabriel PR_edited.png

Gabriel Ewepu

Vice President/Public Relations

Ann mini 1.png

Ann Bile, MBA

Vice President/Legal Affairs

Benaembele Portrait.png

Benaembele Abarawoei

Business Analyst

Management Team
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