Inventor & CEO of Marco Antonio Attisani explains the new WATLY 4.0 Thermodynamic Water Purification Plant to Dr Thaddaeus Thompson SWEERGLOBAL CEO. 


The first quarter of 2018 saw developments in the areas of establishing SWEERGLOBAL's presence in Nigeria and the subsequent national media attention that the company received. SWEERGLOBAL reporters and investigation team visited the Delta Region of Nigeria and had meetings with Local Chiefs who offered landed property for the construction of the first Thermodynamic Water Purification Plant in Nigeria. The announcement of a water purification plant was welcome with an allocation of 6 plots of land allocated by the Yaya Family of Tungbo-Ebe for the first pilot project and hopes of employing 1000 Bayelsa over a period of 5 years. SWEERGLOBAL's presence has been welcomed by the Bayelsa State House in Abuja, Nigeria and an invitation to officially launch the project in Nigeria.

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