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Green Theme

SWEERGLOBAL is active in the following industries:

  • Environmental Protection & Restoration

  • Agriculture & Natural resources

  • Water & Mineral Resources

  • Energy & Gas

  • Renewable Energy

  • Logistics & Supply-Chain 

Purified Water Projects

We are looking for investors to invest in our solar energy powered water purification plants. The project will supply drinking water in small hatchets, W-Tanks, and biodegradable bottles. The goal is to reduce the use of plastic bottle. 

For more info: Call +1-510-240-2290 

Electricity Supply Using Renewable Energy Solar

We are looking for investors to in invest in electricity projects using solar powered electrical grids. The project will supply solar powered electricity to towns and villages. The goal is to reduce urban migration and city congestion. This will enhance rural development and allow the establishment of new entrepreneurs and businesses. 

For more info: Call +1-510-240-2290

Drones & Logistics Management

We are looking for investors to invest in our drone airport projects. The project will supply medical equipment and medicines to various distribution centers including hospitals and clinics. The goal is to establish medical supply chain and security services for the impoverished regions of Nigeria's Delta Region. 

For more info: Call +1-510-240-2290

Energy & Utilities: Refrigeration

The project will help rural areas and energy depleted cities store and conserve food. The goal is to make food conservation accessible to all regardless of where they live and whether or not they have electricity. For more info: Call +1-510-240-2290 


We are looking for investors to invest in our solar energy powered irrigation systems. The project will supply water to farms using solar energy powered batteries. The goal is to help farmers increase food production and be self-sufficient financially. 

For more info: Call +1-510-240-2290 


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