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SWEERGLOBAL Unveils plan To Assist Flood
SWEERGLOBAL Unveils plan To Assist Flood
SWEERGLOBAL Unveils plan To Assist Flood
SWEERGLOBAL Unveils plan To Assist Flood

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I stand for Africa empowerment. 

For centuries most Africans (including me) believed that economic prosperity is farfetched; does not belong to us. We have spent decades either blaming or encouraging corrupt leaders by addressing them, "Sir." A criminal does not deserve to be called "Sir." Thanks to a new generation of educated Africans who are creating high performance impact through ever-increasing performance indexes across the globe. Most Africans living abroad are discouraged by the shameless non-ethical behaviors of shortsighted African leaders who vied for office not for creating legacy but to steal and enrich themselves with national resources. My advice is not to loose hope but rather "roll up your sleeves," stop complaining and rather invest time, efforts and resources in the ability of upcoming future generations. They need our support to showcase competence. 

Dr. Thaddaeus E. Thompson
CEO/Founder SWEER Group

Switzerland, United States


Become A Partner

Partner with us to empower the dejected population of hardworking Nigerians who for years have been denied basic amenities such as clean air, clean water, electricity, affordable internet access, and the ability to provide 3-square meals a day. Water is commercially highly viable; given the market potential of nearly 200 million inhabitants and their buying power. Nigerians rank among the highest purified water consumers in the world. Our humanitarian projects which places the interest of the impoverished Nigerian population first, through job-creation has been greeted with high enthusiasm by all levels of government (Federal, State, Local) and the local population. 

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