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Electricity Supply Using Renewable Energy Solar
The Problem Worth Solving

Successive governments have tried fruitlessly for decades to resolve Nigeria's energy supply problem. Each of the failures can partly be attributed to corruption and lack of check-and-balances. But, what has been widely overlooked is the lack of a lasting and sustainable technology and the high cost of maintenance. The effect has been among other issues the inability for the rural areas to benefit from advantages present in the presence of electricity and the role it plays in business and job creation. Because electricity is unavailable, internet connectivity becomes a challenge and producers become limited in trading on a wider market and learning market and marketing trends. Local producers are limited to their immediate surroundings and cannot explore other markets due to the lack of reliable connectivity to use the internet and Apps, both of which are key components to increasing profit. 


The Solution

SWEERGLOBAL and its foreign partners are using renewable "Smart" technology to resolve the electricity supply crisis that has crippled Nigeria's technological advancement for decades, and we are doing it at a lower cost than the government is paying. A pilot program will commence in Bayelsa State followed by a nationwide expansion projects.

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